A British Guarantee

At Marlborough of England we are proud of the fact that all our English luxury leather goods and stainless steel hip flasks are Made in England. Our workshop is based in Walsall the home of the British leather industry. For over 200 years the people of Walsall have been producing some of the finest luxury leather goods available and we are no exception.

Our highly skilled crafts men and women have years of experience working with the finest materials available, using skills and knowledge which have been passed down through generations and generations of leather artisans.

Our creations of luxury leather goods and stainless steel hip flasks are sought after by some of England’s most exclusive stores and celebrated families from around the world. Our customers recognise and appreciate our luxury leather goods and stainless steel hip flasks, quality, skill and effort that goes into each of our products and our collections.

By only using the most luxury leather we hand cut and hand stitch and only use solid brass buckles when creating our handmade luxury leather goods and stainless steel hip flasks. These products which we create are quintessentially English, coming both our leather working heritage with modern contemporary designs. Here at Marlborough of England we offer a lifetime guarantee on our handmade stainless steel English hip flasks offering the very best of English design and craftsmanship.

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