Leather Travel Accessories Guide for Businessmen on the Road

Leather Travel Accessories Guide for Businessmen on the Road
December 22, 2017 Richard Taylor
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A gentleman should aim for nothing less that the utmost in elegance, sophistication and style at all times. It is his meticulous attention to detail, and uncompromising attitude to quality that marks him out as a man seeking out the finer things in life, and this becomes all the more apparent and significant when one looks into the accessories he travels with.

In business, we often have to spend a considerable amount of time moving from place to place. Meetings need to be held, deals have to be made. When on the road, we are required to take holdalls, bags and many other accessories with us... and in such items, we need absolute faith that they won’t let us down.

To opt only for the highest quality leather travel accessories is something which makes a powerful statement about a man; it demonstrates that he values practicality, craftsmanship and beauty as being equally important, and it also shows that he looks to invest in his accessories. After all, a top-quality leather wallet or bag, for example, should comfortably last a lifetime.

When it comes to producing leather travel accessories which combine traditional leatherworking with contemporary style, and which have the ability to go the distance as regards both longevity and beauty, Marlborough of England is second-to-none. Our passion for luxury leather goods has propelled Marlborough of England to become an industry leader, and since 1972, we’ve strived to achieve perfection in hand-crafted leather accessories.

We understand on a deep level the sheer impact that a quality leather accessory can achieve - and when it comes to business meetings, it’s that kind of impressive impact that can make all the difference. We’ve selected some of our favourite quality leather travel accessories - aimed at the modern businessman - which we believe can make the boldest impression.

All of these items are made with our characteristic high level of craftsmanship, and are doubtlessly accessories which no businessman should be on the road without.

Travel Wallets

As any gentleman who frequently finds themselves jetting from country to country will tell you, a travel wallet is one of those items whose practicality is matched only by its elegance. In your everyday life, your wallet more often than not finds itself filled with all kinds of essential items - credit cards, cash, membership cards and other such things. The travel wallet is the regular wallet’s longer, sleeker, more streamlined cousin, intended for all of your travelling essentials. Passports, plane tickets, traveller’s cheques and permits fit beautifully inside this accessory, and it balances effortless international style with a reliable functionality that is the standard of the modern businessman.

When you’re heading off to some important business meeting in a new location, you want to be sure that not only are your documents safe and secure, but they’re encased in the kind of travel wallet that makes the most positive, elegant impact. This particular travel wallet manages to achieve that blend of practicality and beauty very effectively indeed, and its overall look is of an item which is at once classic and contemporary.

The crocodile effect leather casing opens to reveal several pockets, in which you can store your travel documents against a lining of brown silk. For added security, this travel wallet also features brass magnetic closers to further protect those all-important papers.


It’s arguable that the holdall is one of the most important accessories owned by any businessman. It’s the item in which he must have the most trust, as that’s perhaps why when it comes to selecting a holdall with which to travel the world, the highest quality craftsmanship is the only standard to aim for. Marlborough of England holdalls combine an urban, European style with timeless English leather craftsmanship, to ensure that these are items which not only look and feel fantastic, but they will also never let you down when you need them the most.

When you’re passing through airports and criss-crossing countries in first class train carriages, you want a holdall which is stylish, robust and yet lightweight enough to ensure comfort and practicality. Our large tan canvas and leather holdall bag has been beautifully made with our signature attention to detail, and guarantees to be light enough for ease of use, and yet strong enough to deal with the pressures and strains of regular international travel. With its adjustable shoulder straps and multiple pockets, it’s sure to meet the exacting standards of even the most demanding traveller.

Thermos Flasks

No busy day of travelling would be complete (or even perhaps possible) without a steaming cup of tea or coffee. As such, a high quality thermos flask is one of the most essential items in the armoury of any modern businessman on the road. To be in possession of a beautifully crafted thermos flask, made according to the highest standards of excellence, is something which sends a clear message indeed: that the owner of such an item is somebody who leaves nothing to chance, and requires the utmost in style and sophistication when it comes to every last detail.

This stunningly sleek and elegant thermos flask and carry case is as hardy as it is stylish, and is sure to warm you on even the chilliest of days out in the field. Durable, beautifully crafted and highly reliable, it’s an item which no businessman should be without. This flask comes with a leather shoulder strap, meaning it can be taken out and about when you’re most in need of refreshment, and is sure to elicit plenty of envious and admiring glances.

Helmet Bags

If you’re the kind of businessman who enjoys the freedom and flexibility that only motorcycling can bring, then a quality leather helmet bag is an item you simply cannot do without. Your helmet is much more than a mere accessory - it’s a potential lifeline, and something which requires being very well looked after, in order to protect it from dents and scratches when moving from place to place. As such, a tough, durable, yet stylish and elegant bag is something that can help to protect your helmet, and keep it in the best possible condition.

Handmade in the Marlborough of England factory, this black carbon fibre helmet bag is the last word in style, sophistication and durability. Carefully designed to offer both a sleek and masculine appearance, as well as the protection and safeguarding your helmet requires, this is a product which is capable of lasting a lifetime, and never letting you down in times of need. Beneath the tough and hardy exterior, this carbon fibre leather bag boasts a Moc sheepskin lining, providing a soft environment sure to protect your helmet from any scratches, dents or other damage.

Weekend Bags

When you’re travelling for a day or two on business, nobody wants to have to carry around a heavy suitcase or unwieldy duffle bag. It is in these situations that the weekend bag comes into its own; not too big, not too small, a weekend bag is ideal for short plane or train journeys and overnight stays, and a stylish, modern and modish solution for the contemporary gentleman on the move.

This Marlborough of England weekend bag is the ideal accessory for the travelling businessman; a perfect shape, size and weight for a change of clothes and your toiletries, and made from beautiful, handcrafted khaki, fitted with quality leather straps and fittings. The quality of this item continues on the inside, too, where you’ll find a lining of woven silk, adding an extra dimension of luxury to this charmingly timeless accessory. Sure to keep its shape and integrity, and doubtlessly capable of lasting for many years of travel and adventure, this weekend bag will take good care of all your trips away.

Quality, Craftsmanship and Style for the 
Businessman on the Move

There’s little doubt about the impression a quality leather accessory can make when one is out and about on business, and often, these details are capable of delivering the impact necessary to close many a deal. Marlborough of England is committed to delivering excellence without fail, and with a consistency and dedication to flawless contemporary style which is the mark of true distinction.

We hope you’ve enjoyed looking through some of our favourite leather travel accessories, and reading up on some of their finer details. We’d also love to know which of these stylish leather travel items takes your fancy, and which of them is your personal favourite. As always, let us know in the comments below!

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