Leather Hip Flasks

At Marlborough of England, we pride ourselves in providing handcrafted luxury hip flasks. Our leather hip flasks are the perfect gift and accessory and can even be engraved to add a personal touch. Our leather hip flasks are designed using pristine stainless steel and fine leather. Our master craftsmen deliver their expertise to deliver a finished product. The leather hip flask is a treasured gift, which is to be admired by all. We stock both gents and ladies hip flasks. Explore our full collection of luxury hip flasks, which are available in many styles. Our Tokyo personalised hip flasks hold 2oz whilst our beautiful hunter flasks boast an impressive volume hold of 10oz.  Every leather hip flask at Marlborough of England can be personalised to make the hip flask bespoke and personal just for you!


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Stunning Luxury Leather Hip Flasks

Leather hip flasks are the ideal gift for life, making it perfect for that special someone. A leather hip flask is a unique gift, designed to last a lifetime. This means high quality materials and expert craftsmanship is an essential to the hip flask.

Traditional hip flasks are elegant, convenient and a sign of a cultured spirit. The hip flask has been a symbol of elegance, stretching over many decades. The traditional hip flask has large historical value and is an integral part of culture in Britain. A leather hip flask is the perfect gift for weddings, birthday or anniversaries.

Our hip flasks are available in many variations, which means there is a style to suit everybody. Choose from various shades and sizes to accommodate all tastes.

At Marlborough of England, we offer personalised hip flasks, to allow for a bespoke experience. An engraved hip flask gives the item a truly custom feel, which makes the flask memorable and unique.

Made from immaculate stainless steel and picturesque tanned leather, our hip flasks are handcrafted to match your particular preference. Our very own master craftsmen construct our leather hip flasks in our workshops. Our experts provide a beautiful finish whilst maintaining the ethos that every hip flask is just as special as the last.

The hip flask can be used as a novelty/display gift or it can be used to pour in a preferred tipple for storage. The hip flask itself is built to store liquid without the fear of spillages, making it reliable yet luxurious.

A leather hip flask adds sophistication to travels, making it ideal for hiking, skiing, camping or simply a round of golf with friends. Not only that, a beautifully designed flask is perfect for the classy individual who appreciates the fine art of whiskey drinking. A person with a touch of grace, individuality and style is fitting to the traditional hip flask. Our engraved hip flasks range from size 2oz to 10oz. Explore our distinctive collection of luxury hip flasks available on our website.

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